Battlement Mesa Golf Course: Possibly the best deal in Colorado

By Michael Hunsinger, Contributor

Battlement Mesa, Colo. - As you travel west along Interstate 70 in western Colorado, when you near the parachute exit, you might have noticed lush green fairways of a golf course on the Mesa to your left. That golf course is Battlement Mesa, opened in 1987, and built by golf course architects Joe Finger and Ken Dye.

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The golf course is located on a Mesa just above the Colorado River Valley, with the splendor of the Grand Mesa to the south and the Bookcliff mountain range to the north. Battlement Mesa is located just off Interstate 70 about 40 miles. west of Glenwood Spring or 45 miles. east of Grand Junction.

The clubhouse at Battlement Mesa has a pro shop with a nice variety of equipment, apparel, and golf accessories. I found the staff to be very courteous and willing to talk about this lovely area. Along with the pro shop is a 19th-hole style food grill. There is beverages, sandwiches, and most anything you would need for your golfing day.

I was mostly impressed with the practice area of the golf course. The driving range had plenty of room for many golfers. The practice green was very large and had many undulations for preparing your putting stroke for the round to come. Also around the putting green was a typical fringe and a large area of rough to practice your chipping. I appreciate the ample areas to practice for my round of golf.

Carts are not mandatory, and I chose to walk my 18 holes this day. Even though there are some slight elevation changes, the course is a fairly easy walk. For 18 holes of golf this day, I paid $28 to walk, which I was about to find out how great a deal this really was.

Hole No. 1 is a 397 yard par-4, which may require a long iron or a three wood for longer hitters. About 250 yards out is a hill that drops into a valley, and the ball can sometimes stay on the down slope. Leave yourself about a 150 yards to the green for your second shot. As you get started on the golf course at Battlement Mesa, you'll notice the biggest adversary during your round will be the sagebrush that lines the course and can be found between tee and fairway.

Hole No. 2 is a 430-yard hard dogleg left par four. Again, play to the 150 yard marker, and you'll have a chance for a good score. By this time you will also have noticed that the greens at Battlement Mesa are fairly large. Pin location should be taken into account when figuring yardage on your shots. You might be on the green in regulation, but you could still have an 80 ft. putt for birdie, so watch out for that three putt bogey.

No. 3 is a 180 yard par-3, which is dictated by the direction of the wind. Anything left of the green on this hole is trouble, with plenty of room on the right.

No. 4 is a 342 yard par four with a very narrow fairway and narrow long green. Sagebrush and forest line the left side of this hole, and a large tree guards the right side of this hole. Accuracy, not distance is the key to this difficult par-4.

No. 5 is a 500 yards par 5, which can be a very good scoring hole. The fairway doglegs left to the green and has a small stream and trees guarding the left side and bunkers on the right. The green is large, so watch for pin placement.

No. 6 is a 430 yard downhill par four which can be a great driving hole if the westerly winds are blowing at your back. Lots of room on the right and trouble on the left. to No. 7 is a highlighted hole. Number eight is a 140 yd par-3, which plays over a small lake. Obviously, the trouble is the big bathtub but it's in front of you. No. 9 is a 423 yd par-4, which has sagebrush left and right along the fairway from 160 yards. out to the green.

As you play the front nine, you may have found a bunker or two. There are fairway bunkers and bunkers guarding greens. I found the bunkers at Battlement Mesa to be in good shape and the sand to be easy to play. But check the texture of the sand with your feet before playing your shot, because I did find one bunker that was hard packed due to morning watering.

When proceeding to the back nine you will notice that this is the part of the golf course you can see from Interstate 70. This nine is on the lower side of the Mesa and tends to be slightly windier, with less trees, but still has the troublesome sagebrush.

Hole No. 10 is a 370 yd par-4 which requires a long iron or three wood to the fairway instead of a driver. In front of the green is a steep valley with trouble at the bottom. From the tee there is a V- shape mountain which is directly behind the green, that is your target.

Holes 11 through 14 play along the lower side of the Mesa, and anything left drops off the side the of the mountain and toward the Colorado River Valley, big trouble. Hole No. 11 is a 485 yd par-5 dog leg right. The green is reachable with two good shots, but watch for pin placement because the green is large and three tiered.

No. 12 is a 375 yd par four with out of bounds on the right and that trouble on the left. The green is small back to front so pick your irons accurately. No. 13 is a 190 yd par-3 which again is dictated by the direction of the wind.

After playing Battlement Mesa, I personally believe this is one of the best golf deals in Colorado.

No. 14 is a 335 yard par-4 which requires an accurate 200-yard tee shot. There is major trouble all along the left of this hole, and on your second shot to the green, anything long and left is big trouble. Take into affect the elevation change going down to the green on your approach shot.

No. 15 is a 448 yd par-4, which usually plays into the westerly winds. This hole requires two very good shots to make it to the green . A par is a good score on this hole. No. 16 is a 160 yard par-3, with large deep bunkers guarding the front of the green. The key to this hole is taking enough club to clear the bunkers and get your shot to the green.

No. 17 is a 510 yard par-5, with a good scoring opportunity. The large tree looking down the fairway is on the left edge of this fairway. There is a deep grass bunker area in front of the green to keep in mind if you go for it in two. No. 18 is a highlighted hole.

After playing Battlement Mesa golf course, I personally believe this is one of the best golf deals in Colorado. The scenery is gorgeous, the course itself is in great shape, and the amenities offered enhance your golfing experience. If you get a chance come to the western slope and enjoy the golfing experience of Battlement Mesa golf course.

Battlement Mesa Golf Course
P.O. Box 6000
Battlement Mesa, CO 81636

Michael Hunsinger, Contributor

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