Highland Hills: How Can Anybody Not Like This Course

By Jamie Dawson, Contributor

When reviewing Highland Hills in Greeley, an episode of Seinfeld comes to mind. When Crazy Joe Duvola is chasing Jerry, his mother asks, "How can anybody not like Jerry?"

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While Highland Hills might not be as funny as Jerry Seinfeld, I feel the same way.

"How can anybody not like this golf course?"

It is not the hardest golf course around. In fact, it can be pretty easy. But it is an old course with lots of trees, fast and fair greens, and fun to play. The course rewards good shots and punishes bad ones, but not to the point where you make automatic double for hitting it off line.

Beginners enjoy the course as much as the seasoned player. The clubhouse and shop could use a facelift, but this is what public golf is all about.

The only negative I can mention will soon be a positive. For the past year or so, they have been in the process of replacing the irrigation system. Call for the exact status, but you can expect to be playing around ditches and plastic tubing at some point during your round. The course still bears some scars from earlier work done.

Above all, the course is consistent. The holes all flow together, none are radically different, but each is unique. Such balance makes for an enjoyable golf course.

The first three holes are longer par 4s. They are all parallel, and will penalize an errant tee shot with a tree limb. The fourth hole is one of my favorites. A short par 5 that can be reached in two well played shots. All the holes on the front nine are fun to play.

There are a few tricky holes on the back, however. Ten is a short dogleg left. It is easy to hit it through the dogleg and into the trees to the right, so aim well left. Cut off as much as you can on eleven. Twelve is short, but be careful. Make sure you are in the fairway here, and it gets tighter closer to the green. If you hit a driver on 18, a dogleg right, you will hit it into some guys yard. Lay way back here.

Perhaps the best feature of Highland Hills is the way it mirrors the community. Greeley is a down-to-earth, no nonsense kind of town, and so is the golf course. They did not build this course for a hotel, or a country club, or to sell real estate. They built it to play golf. Enjoy.

Call (970) 330-7327 for more information. Fees are just $16 during the week, $20 on weekends. Highland Hills is on the west side of town and an easy drive from Denver.

RATINGS: (out of five)
Condition: ****
Pace: ***
Clubhouse: ***
Playability, 36 handicap or more: ****
Playability, 10-36: ****
Playability, 0-10: ****

The "Playability" categories are based on enjoyment. It measures how much we think you'll enjoy playing this course with your current handicap.

Jamie Dawson, Contributor

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