Haystack Mountain GC: Perfect for Beginners

By Lynn Zmistowski, Contributor

NIWOT, COLO.-- Haystack Mountain is just that, a mountain shaped like a haystack sitting out on the plains.

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At the base of Haystack Mountain is this nifty 9-hole golf course. It has an old, but charming, clubhouse that serves good food, and it's a very old fashioned-feeling place.

Haystack GC has a nice practice area to warm up on. Then you can play 9 full holes. Because Haystack is a short little course with short par 4's and more par 3's than par 4's, the hot shot golfers don't play there.

This makes Haystack the perfect place for beginners to go to and have an extremely enjoyable day. Most everyone out there is a beginner, so the pressure of having to play amongst accomplished golfers is off. You can go out and relax, hit as many shots as it takes you to get the ball from the teeing ground into the hole and know that the group behind you is taking a similar amount of strokes and consequently playing at a similar speed as you.

Haystack offers the beginner a lot of the challenges that the longer and full-length courses have. It has bunkers, water hazards, out-of-bounds and trees.

Once you have decided that you want to play golf, you should first arrange to get in a group lesson. Learn the correct fundamentals (how to grip, posture, etc.).

Then you should practice these fundamentals at practice and driving range facilities. Remember, you will need lessons on chipping and putting, too. Then you will need to practice chipping and putting. After you have taken some lessons and practiced at driving ranges, try playing golf at a course.

But you should seek out courses where beginners are welcome, such as par-3 courses or executive courses like Haystack. When you can play all the holes in 6 or less, you are probably ready to play on a regular golf course.

Lynn Zmistowski, Contributor

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