Boomerang Golf Links: A busy Greeley course that has its moments

By Charlie Luther, Contributor

Boomerang Golf Links opened in 1991, and has been one of the region's busiest public courses ever since. Each nine has its own look and feel, and while it's not the best public course in Greeley (see Highland Hills), it certainly has its moments.

If you go

Boomerang is located just off Hwy. 34 and 71st avenue, about a 45 minute drive from central Denver. It is a spikeless course with an above-average practice facility consisting of a large driving range (a short walk from the clubhouse), chipping area with bunker, and practice putting green. Carts are available, but it's not a tough walk. The men's course record is 63, fired by assistant pro Dave McCleave.

For a new golf course that gets a lot of play, Boomerang is in good shape. The tee boxes and fairways are about average, and the greens are usually slick and well-manicured. For a course that appears to be mostly flat, many of the greens at Boomerang have some serious slope to them. You must try to keep the ball below the hole on #4, but not too much, unless you play floaters. (And if you do, stop reading this and take up tennis.)

Like most public courses, Boomerang is very busy. However, pace of play is not a problem. You will play much longer rounds of golf elsewhere.

Two distinct nines make up this golf course. The front nine is primarily links-style, while the back has a few more trees and hills. There are some very good holes on the front nine, including number one. A large lake on the right and a street on the left make your first shot of the day one of the toughest. A par-4, measuring ___ yards, number one at Boomerang has to be one of the state's top "reload" holes. Whatever you do, don't park your car alongside number one.

Two is an impressive par-5, tempting the longer hitters to try to reach the green in two shots, but they've got to avoid the lake and o.b. left from the tee. This is not one of those "grip it and rip it" holes. You must be accurate on your drive.

Number seven is a par-3, 210 yards, and the best of its kind on the course. There isn't much trouble between the tee and the green (none, in fact) but a three here is rare. It is slightly downhill, although it doesn't look to be from the tee, so clubbing is difficult. A solid tee shot is a must, and walking away with a par 3 should be considered a big victory.

The back nine at Boomerang looks nothing like the front. Number ten is a short, tree-lined par-4 with o.b. right. There are more trees on number ten than on the entire front nine. The back side is better looking (I like trees), but that's about it.

The par-4's on the back nine are just OK. Unmemorable.

Number twelve is a downhill par-5 that plays much shorter than the yardage. Houses loom on the right and the rough comes in close on the left but an average-length drive will give most players a shot at the green. This is another slick, sloping green, so miss your second shot short, not long. This is a fun hole to play, but not as good a par-5 as number two.

Boomerang ends with another par-5 and this, too, can be reached in two by the longer hitters. However, most people will have to play three shots to the green. There is really no trouble on this rather bland finishing hole, but the trees on the left can come into play, so watch your hook. Boomerang has some very good holes, but number eighteen is not one of them.

Boomerang Golf Links is an affordable way to spend half a day on an above- average golf course. It is usually in good condition, especially the greens, and the pace of play won't drive you nuts. Bring an accurate driver and watch those downhill putts.

RATINGS: (out of five)

Condition: ***

Pace: ***

Clubhouse: **

Playability, 36 handicap or more: ***

Playability, 10-36: ***

Playability, 0-10: **

The "Playability" categories are based on enjoyment. It measures how much we think you'll enjoy playing this course with your current handicap.

Charlie Luther, Contributor

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